Benefits of a No Makedown Flocculant

Choosing a flocculant for your water treatment processes requires taking a step back and looking at the big picture. Learn why no makedown flocculants are the optimal choice.

Choosing a flocculant for your water treatment processes requires taking a step back and looking at the big picture. When you do, you’ll realize that making a decision on what flocculant is best has less to do with price by weight and more to do with the total cost to treat.

No makedown flocculants can be extremely beneficial for those looking to lower the cost of their entire water treatment process. While no makedown flocculants of the past (like solution or Mannich flocculants) provided lower pound for pound cost, their low amounts of active chemicals required higher dosages, negating any potential savings. However, there are new no makedown flocculants on the market that can help you get the best of both worlds.

Here’s why no makedown flocculants are worth considering:

1. Less Equipment, Less Maintenance

Making down a flocculant is a science within itself. Between metering pumps and chemical blenders, mixing chambers and aging stages, there is a lot of room for error. Each piece of equipment in a process means increased time and money spent on maintenance. Aside from equipment mechanics, having to deal with fisheye formation or improper amounts of aging are other maintenance headaches that every operator would rather avoid.

A no makedown flocculant significantly reduces these types of pressures put on your operations team and processes making the ROF (return on flocculant) much greater.

2. No Variability Due to Water Sources

The hydration and dilution of dry or liquid emulsions can increase the variability of the end flocculant you end up dosing into your systems. Aside from the amount of water added itself, its characteristics can greatly vary even if you consistently use the same water source. Hardness, chlorine levels, turbidity, and amount of dissolved ions can all impact the efficacy of a flocculant before it’s even dosed. Getting the perfect water for your makedown system and its dilutions can be difficult and facilities often end up having to use lower-grade water and accepting reduced performance.

By relying on a no makedown flocculant whose makers ensure consistency for you, you’re able to both know exactly what you’re dosing and use it upon arrival.

3. Greater Business Efficiency

Flexibility can make or break meeting your water and business KPIs. Like going on an overnight camping trip, packing light is essential. When you have more chemicals, equipment, and specialized labor to worry about, your ability to problem solve and pivot quickly becomes more complex than it needs to be. When you can optimize for efficiency, the time and effort that was once put into risk management can instead be put into business growth.

Having a plug-and-play, no makedown flocculant will not only keep water treatment simplified, it will help keep your operations resilient.

CarboNet SimpleFloc™

CarboNet SimpleFloc™ is a no makedown flocculant that is not just simple, it is superior. It’s highly effective and helps users reduce their overall active polymer demand while improving their water reuse capabilities.

Made with the NanoNet chemical platform, CarboNet SimpleFloc™ utilizes NanoNets to provide a boosting effect to the flocculant resulting in performance comparable to standard liquid emulsion flocculants, but without the extra polymer.

No makedown, no dilution, no problems.

“Simple” is also indicative of its ingredients. Made with up to 95% less petroleum-based carbon, the unconventional chemistry of CarboNet SimpleFloc™ optimizes all active ingredients helping you simplify your chemical tool kit overall.

Request a sample kit today to get started with CarboNet SimpleFloc™ so you too can floc to the top.

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