CarboNet & Chemco Partner to Deliver Success with Specialty Chemicals

We're excited to announce our partnership with Chemco, a specialty chemical company working to help the world become a cleaner, safer place.

It’s finally here: unconventional chemistry paired with unparalleled customer service to help bring cleaner and safer industry standards. CarboNet is now partnering with Chemco Products to bring our proprietary NanoNet technology to waters in dairy, food and beverage, and other industries. 

The NanoNet chemical platform, developed by CarboNet, allows for the creation of water treatment products that target and control contaminants like never before. These products, including CarboNet SimpleFloc™, can be rapidly developed using the library of NanoNets available. This means more innovative chemicals made of less polymer. 

Delivering value is at the heart of how both CarboNet and Chemco operate. The aim is to ensure excellence with common goals to capture the unique needs of every customer. 

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