CarboNet Announces ChemTreat As New Channel Partner

CarboNet & ChemTreat Maximizing the Power of Water Together

Creating value for our customers by providing more reliable water treatment solutions and helping them achieve their sustainability goals is key to both CarboNet and ChemTreat. With CarboNet products now a part of ChemTreat’s toolkit, industrial water treatment across North America can rely on ChemTreat’s advanced ability for “net positive” impact. 

ChemTreat helps industrial water treatment operators improve efficiency, protect equipment assets, and meet environmental goals. This includes those treating boiler water, cooling water, and industrial wastewater, as well as those looking to reclaim and reuse their water. ChemTreat can help customers target and control industrial water contaminants like never before, by accessing products built using the NanoNet chemical platform developed by CarboNet.  The collaboration between CarboNet and ChemTreat is sure to help industrial water operators meet their goals while improving the quality of waters as a whole for recycling and reuse. 

CarboNet is happy to be working with ChemTreat as a channel partner and is excited to see what waters lie ahead.

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