NanoNet FeP is now CarboNet SimpleFloc™

Out with the old, in with the new!

Out with the old, in with the new!

The flocculant you know and love, NanoNet FeP, has been renamed to CarboNet SimpleFloc™. It’s the same gel formula that utilizes the NanoNet chemical platform, just with a new label.

CarboNet SimpleFloc is a name that conveys less is more. The formula behind the unconventional water treatment is highly active and therefore requires much lower dosing than typical flocculants while achieving rapid flocculation. We’ve tackled the complexity with innovative chemistry to keep your water treatment processes as simple as possible.

No more, “Does your flocculant have iron in it?” (it doesn’t) or, “Does your flocculant ONLY remove iron?” (that’s a no, too. It can do a lot more). CarboNet SimpleFloc is meant to uncomplicate your processes, lessen your needs, and grow your operations with ease.

Simple always wins.

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