What Net Positive Water Treatment Operations Looks Like

Modern times calls for modern thinking. Making a shift in everyday processes that will result in scalable, sustainable, and more affordable water treatment systems is a no brainer.

While companies around the world are committing to delivering a net positive water impact, it’s important that those directly treating water take a net positive approach to their day-to-day operations, too. Whether it’s giving employees more time to solve problems by implementing more effective practices, partnering with and supporting other organizations to help your community thrive, or recycling more water to reduce pressure on freshwater resources, changes can be made to become more net positive

Being net positive is the notion of giving back more than you take from your community, the environment, and the economy. It’s less about checking off a box, and more about conducting yourself and your business with a holistic philosophy in mind.
A Net Positive Approach is a Pragmatic Approach
The essence of a net positive approach is being sensible and realistic at every step (aka. being pragmatic). Decisions are made for the betterment of an entire system, not just one part of it.

Serve Your Employees First

Occupational health, a sense of purpose and enrichment from using ones talents and skills, is a very real thing. By providing your technicians, operators, and engineers with a working environment where they can personally thrive not only benefits them as individuals, but helps your overall operations function more efficiently and effectively. Reducing labor stress, removing needless hazards, and not stretching the capacity of designated roles can provide employees with the opportunity to take on bigger challenges that help with both their interpersonal growth and the growth of your business.

water treatment worker

Take Ownership of Your Impact

Choosing chemicals and equipment that fit your specific needs is one of the most impactful ways to optimize your operations and reduce your environmental footprint.

For example, choosing chemicals like CarboNet SimpleFloc™ that is made with 95% less petroleum-based carbon than traditional flocculants means putting less pressure on petroleum extraction while seeing greater water treatment results and investing more into the development of sustainable chemical water treatments.

Investing in new infrastructure and solutions can also reduce maintenance, the need for specialized labor, extra hours, and risk. It’s a win-win!

anatomy of a tote simplefloc
Left: Standard Emulsion Flocculant, Right: CarboNet SimpleFloc™

Engage in Meaningful Partnerships

The full cycle of how water enters and exits your facility should be well understood if your processes are going to make a net positive impact. Knowing why your target KPIs are regulated and not just that they exist can help everyone understand the full picture. Once you do, you can manuever your business to form new partnerships like supplying other industries with your treated water to be reused. Through this you’ll both be creating new business for others and helping your own thrive.


Being Net Positive with CarboNet

CarboNet’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to recycled water and we plan to do that via a net-positive approach. By using our proprietary NanoNet chemical platform, we create water treatment chemicals that do more with less.

Contact us to learn more about how we work or request a sample kit to test our products on your waters. Together we can make a difference.

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