CarboNet Proud

Join a Movement

Work hard. Think unconventionally.
Feel proud, but stay humble.

Being CarboNet Proud

While the world knows us as a specialty chemicals company with a relentless focus on our customers, we think of ourselves as something more. We’re creating a new class of chemistry to accelerate the world’s transition to recycled water. And for that we’re CarboNet PROUD.

Proud Basics

This is how we show up. We don’t just espouse our values, we bring them to life across everything we do.

Problem Solvers

Got water with a problem? We’re here to help.

Ready to Rumble

Our CarboCrew is ready to hit the ground running and get your water clearer than ever.

Open Minded

We don’t just think outside the box, we don’t box ourselves in to begin with.


In our product and in our approach to collaboration.


It all comes down, “Are we making the transition to recycled water a reality?”

Making a Net Positive Impact

Reducing Chemical Footprints

NanoNet-based products use 15x less petroleum than standard water treatment chemicals.

Nurturing Growth & Wellness

Regular health and fitness challenges with fun prizes keep CarboNerds moving outside the lab.

Serving With Sincerity

Customer surveys and reports ensure transparent partnerships where, “How can we do better?” is always the priority.