Reducing Treated Paint Wastewater Variability with CarboNet SimpleFloc™

CarboNet™ successfully applies their technology treating wastewater from paint booths in automotive parts manufacturing facility.


  • Product
    CarboNet SimpleFloc™
  • Application
    Wastewater Treatment
  • Industry
  • Company
    Automotive Manufacturing

Paint booths of vehicle manufacturing facilities face significant challenges when treating their wastewater due to high concentrations of suspended solids. Rinse curtains often lead to clogs and can result in needing to shut down the paint booth entirely. These downtimes can lead to unplanned expenses and missed deadlines putting stress on various teams, not just the water treatment operators.

Complex paint wastewater treatment systems require a dedicated chemical water expert which can be difficult to find and limiting when they are unavailable. Therefore, finding a robust product that works consistently to treat water is of utmost importance.

CarboNet SimpleFloc™ at Work

CarboNet SimpleFloc™ was bench tested on paint wastewater and showed positive results. These included: 

  • Increased sludge solids concentration
  • Decreased sludge water content
  • Reduced effluent variability using a “steady-state” dosing program

Utilizing CarboNet SimpleFloc™ in this facility will allow their water treatment team to eliminate operator variability as well as decrease environmental and safety hazards

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